Helping a Friend Start a Business...

Graphometrics was a project I created to help a friend, Jackie Bennett, earn extra money while on a fixed income. We both had an interest in handwriting analysis and decided to take a course by renowned graphologist Erika Karohs, to become certified handwriting analysts. I created the website to fit an online business model to explain handwriting analysis to the layman and offer extensive content describing the process and results that submitees of handwriting samples could expect.

  • Client: Jacqueline Bennett
  • Technology: HTML 4.0, CSS, Photoshop for Graphics, Web Hosting and Mastering

Learning about Starting a Small Business Online

This project was very educational for me, as I met with a representative from the SBA for the first time to talk about how a small business needed to be started from the ground up. I also wrote all of the copy for the site, which persuaded people who may have had doubts about handwriting analysis to trust this business and expect to receive an in-depth, quality report (of entertainment value only, I couldn't claim otherwise to be truthful).

It was a lot of fun to learn about handwriting analysis from one of the foremost experts in the field at that time, Erika Karohs, and to actually receive a certification myself. I don't practice this skill anymore, mostly because I've forgotten how to do it properly, but getting involved with a project at such a personal level was very meaningful to me and to my friend.

Process of Graphometrics Project

  • Interview potential owner of business as to what kind of online business would work best for her and sustain her interest.
  • Meet with the SBA to learn how to make a proper business plan and incorporate a business in Nevada.
  • Work with the client to decide upon a tone for the website--color, fonts, graphics--that would entice people to try our her services.
  • Create Photoshop comps and write several pages of copy for the front page and FAQ section, providing details of what the customer would receive.
  • Incorporated the business, created the HTML pages and all the graphics, and hosted the website for a time until my client was able to take over the hosting herself.

What the Client Had to Say...

"I couldn't be more pleased with the design of my website. Vickie really went above and beyond to help me try to find a way to make money online while I was on a fixed income. I really enjoy doing handwriting analyses and I think Vickie nailed it when it came to writing great informative articles about my business just for me.

Vickie took all of my ideas and expanded what was only a brief outline into a fully-fledged legitimate and interesting eCommerce adventure. I am very, very happy with the results."

Jacqueline Bennett,

What I Learned From This Project


Helping Someone Decide on a Small Business Endeavor

This client was initially risk-averse to starting and running her own business. I had to do a lot of research to find something that would have a very low entry-price point that she would actually enjoy doing for however many hours she wanted per day, and that this business could significantly increase her income over time with very little marketing dollars. I presented her with the Handwriting Analysis idea and she was immediately taken with the idea after I explained step by step what she had to do in order to augment her income with this project.


Writing Marketing Copy
Advertising on no budget

The marketing copy I had to write for the site had to be interesting enough to draw people in to take a chance on what many thought was a 'fake science'; I made sure that what little I did know about the legitimacy of Handwriting Analysis was in the copy I wrote, but that it would also appeal to people who liked to be entertained with something that would provide them unusual self-knowledge. I tried to include as many keywords as I could for SEO purposes because there would be no advertising at all initially.


Writing Content
It has to be compelling!

Everything had to mesh together with this project--the design, the information flow (architecture), the graphics, and the content. I ended up a Certified Handwriting Analyst myself just for fun and in order to give myself the best chance of writing the most compelling content that I could from an informed background.

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