Out of the blocks...

Arizona Title and Escrow was one of my first paid projects as a web designer and strategist. I also tastefully included Flash button effects and animation to enhance the design appeal. The client wanted a website portal to inform customers about the title and escrow process and to garner advertising from title and escrow companies. This project was finished on time and at a reasonable budget, leaving the client very happy with the results.

  • Client: Tracey Breidt
  • Technology: HTML 4.0, CSS, Flash, Photoshop

The Beginning of Indico Web Development

Even though I was working solo, I decided to form a company which I called Indico, derived from the Latin indico, which means "to publish, to bring forth". I began my freelancing work through this entity and continued with it until 2016. During this time I also worked as an employee--in Henderson, Nevada as a web designer for a local graphics company, and a later in a remote position as a web developer for a startup company. However, at this point in my career, I feel that a I'd enjoy being part of a team, where I can brainstorm with and learn from other designers and developers, thus bringing more of a synergy--a collective creativity and problem-solving--to future projects in which I will participate.

Process of Arizona Title and Escrow Project

  • Interview owner of business, obtain specs, scope, develop business plan
  • Research competitors and determine how they were succeeding and where they were lacking, in order to allow my client to fill that void in the marketplace.
  • Create comps (prototypes) with Photoshop, working very closely with the client in terms of design aesthetics, color scheme, fonts, and information architecture.
  • After signoff on design, handcode with Sublime Text a multi-page website for Arizona Title and Escrow.

What the Client Had to Say...

"A very special thanks for the superior quality put into my web-site. The commitment, integrity and dedication from your company created a web-site that has enabled my business to grow.

I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and my company."

Tracey Breidt,
Arizona Title and Escrow Directory

What I Learned From This Project

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Explaining What a Web Domain Can and Cannot Do

I started this project with the impression that the clients wanted an advertising and information portal, but learned later (well into development) that the backer of the project was mistaken in his understanding of the power of domain name ownership. I had to break the news to my clients that they could not corner the market by just buying domain names, but they could still profit nicely from a portal if it was monetized and marketed properly. I was happy to be able to aid them in their digital strategy.

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A Little Motion in a Website Can Add Interest
Learning new tools

When this website was being created, I believe using Flash 4.0 was the style at the time. Some designers and developers used it to excess, making buttons blink and making graphics fly out of the page. The trend in web design of overusing animation is still a concern of mine because it can reduce accessibility. I used Flash to create a subtle mouseover effect on the buttons, the first time I'd ever used Flash in a website design, but I didn't go overboard. Just because you can make something move, doesn't mean you have to.