It's Hard Flying Solo Sometimes

No one wants to feel alone and left frustrated when learning to use new technologies. I want to help. I feel that it is my life's mission to improve people's experiences with the World Wide Web and related technologies.


About Me

Vickie R. Comrie, MISM

Hi! I'm Vickie Comrie. I've worked with individuals, teams and companies around the world since 1999.

I create fresh, exciting, and most importantly, functional design and content. I am especially talented at redesign and editing—I can spot where your web presence needs a boost and can make it happen.

My Work

My projects increase market share, brand awareness and profitability for your business.

My work runs the gamut from technical and content writing to web design strategy and user experience interface best practices with a sprinkling of SEO and marketing on top.

Our finished project (because every project is a joint collaboration between the client, you, and consultant, me) will be made to render beautifully all popular browsers and devices. I can also code for legacy IE products. I want our working experience to be a pleasure above all else.


Here's How I'd Like To Help YouMy passion is my purpose is my profession.

Customer Service

I love it when people overcome their struggles with technology and embrace new ideas and methods of working.


Web accessibility helps your business reach a wider audience, in addition to improving your SEO through clean and semantic code.

Information Architecture

Information architecture done right helps people to orient themselves within the structure of your website, making navigation pleasurable.

UX/UI Strategy

Exceptionally designed interfaces provide excellent user experience and optimize the presentation of your products and services.

Technical Writing

No one should struggle with jargon in obtuse Help sections and Service manuals. I will rewrite your documentation clearly.

Digital Marketing/Marketing Analysis

Where does your business stand in comparison with your competitors? My research will pinpoint how you can excel in your marketplace.

Design Strategy

On the cutting edge of web design trends, I will help you inform and delight your audience about any product or service.

Content Writing

Interesting, well-written SEO-enhanced content will boost your website's ranking and keep readers coming back.

Eliminating Silos and Improving Communication

Sometimes an outside pair of eyes can spot outdated mindsets, help to remove barriers and bridge divides.

I am looking for work (full-time as an employee, preferably). If you think I might be a good fit for your company,
please give me a call or click my phone number and send me an email.

Past WorksSome of the projects I've done...

My work has been a journey that has lasted almost two decades; it's a story in itself. Everything I've learned up to now has shaped me to be proficient in a wide variety of skills. Over the years, I've become extremely adept at picking up new technologies, but honestly, I'm most proud of my soft skills—being empathetic to my co-workers and clients, and having the wisdom to know when to act, when to talk, and when to listen. Now my mind is open to all sorts of employment opportunities and I am so excited to be a part of your team!

Arizona Title and Escrow Website thumbnail

Arizona Title and Escrow Web Design

One of my first paid projects, circa 2001, was to develop this real estate project for an entrepreneur. I learned Flash for this gig while designing with a Southwest motif to create an attractive, enticing and market-ready user interface.

Graphometrics Handwriting Analysis Website thumbnail

Graphometrics Creating a Small Business

From the graphics and web design to the writing, visiting the SBA for a consult, and even getting certified as a handwriting analyst—I was 100 percent involved in every aspect of this project, nursing it into fruition before turning it over to a friend.

Las Vegas Pics Website thumbnail

Las Vegas Pics Adapting a Template

I worked with a local entrepreneur in 2005 to adapt a template when he and his partner had difficulty finding the right person to adapt it to their needs. I got a lot better at Flash and finished this project at a reasonable price and timeframe.

MWRP project site thumbnail

Magnolia Women's Recovery Program Brochure, Web Design, Marketing

I worked extensively with MWRP from about 2006 to 2014, first as a volunteer and then paid web & graphics designer, marketing analyst & content writer. I also helped Dr. Stewart with writing and editing her PhD thesis.

Chatalog Responsive Design thumbnail

Chatalog Front-end Development

In 2013 I was the first, and unfortunately, last hire of the e-commerce startup, which didn't take off due to lack of funding. I worked remotely with a cross-country team as their Front-end Developer, coding a responsive and functional user interface.

Boston PHP Meetup Git Lunch Season 2 thumbnail

Git Lunch, Season 2 Leading Other Developers

I was recently honored to work with Gene Babon and the esteemed Boston PHP Group as Senior Percolator, or leader, of a 10-week virtual book study of Jump Start Git by Shaumik Daityari from Sitepoint.